Tuesday, July 19, 2011

145 - gimp week

For day 2 of Gimp week, I present to you this lovely photo of a dumpster. I had my polarizer on for this photo, so the blue sky was about as blue as it could be. Then I did some Gimp magic. I selected a small box just around the dumpster and made it extra-red. Then I selected a rectangle at the top that included all of the blue sky and made it slightly more blue, but I couldn't go too crazy or the trees that cut into the rectangle would have been all messed up. Then I just boosted the saturation to a really high amount. I think I might have lessened the lightness (thereby making it slightly darker) just a tad too.

Ta. Daa.
I actually took this photo specifically for using it in Gimp and playing with the color saturation since the blue and red were so great to start with. The edited version is SO much more vibrant, and I love it!

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