This is the blog of Meghan Mella, or Dr. Mrs. Meghan Mella, which is my preferred title these days. I currently live in Uppsala, Sweden. Previously I was in New Hampshire/Vermont while doing my PhD at Dartmouth. And Colorado before that. The home base is Wisconsin. I also spent two summers in St. Louis and one summer in Seattle. I'd like to say I'm an introvert who prefers gradual changes over big, fantastical changes, but based on my history of locations lived, I'm not so sure how true that is. In my defense, Uppsala is basically a Swedish-speaking Hanover, and the Upper Valley is like a combination of Wisconsin (trees) and Colorado (mountains). Full circle.

Tuesday is my favorite of most things. I also like companionable silence and buffalo sauce. It makes me happy to think the thought, "I wonder what's going to happen exciting today."

My husband is Greg, and I am pretty glad he is on my team. Once while walking down Main St. in Hanover some kids were singing and playing a ukulele, and their lyrics included the words "exquisite beard" as Greg passed them.

We are people who like projects. Here we are homesteading.

And this is a typical day in the life of Meg & Greg. (I'd always been a Meghan, but when you marry a Greg, people (myself included) can't resist the rhyme.)
Sweden 2012 073

This is what happens when we pay someone to take our photo.
 photo MG5.jpg

A few months after we were married I moved to Sweden to start a new job. Greg was able to join me for a few months, since he could do his work from anywhere with an internet connection. Eventually he had to go back to NH to finish up his PhD. Luckily for us, he also got a job in Sweden and moved here permanently one year after I did.

We are currently still living in Sweden, although my job has since ended. I've made the decision to no longer pursue a career in academia. For now I'll be spending a year taking a full-time Swedish folk dance course, and from there we shall see!


I also like to take photos sometimes and post them here sometimes.

Greg and I also share a blog which we never post in, but there is a small collection of posts there that I enjoy. Here is a story about canoeing.

The End.